Condensation Control

Condensation is the most serious form of dampness as regards your health. It can also damage interior decorations, furnishings and clothing.

Condensation is caused by warm, moisture-laden air (high humidity), which cannot escape from a building. Black mould growth (aspergilla spp) will appear in the corners of walls and ceilings, and behind furniture. You may also notice a damp odour in the building.

Condensation is sometimes caused by the lifestyle of the occupants. Our surveyor will be able to advise on ways of reducing humidity levels; this may require a change in daily activities such as avoiding drying clothes indoors.

Symptoms of condensation

  • Walls wet to the touch
  • Black mould on walls and ceilings
  • Mould growth on the backs of furniture and on items of clothing
  • Occupants may develop respiratory problems such as chesty coughs

Condensation Remedies

High humidity levels can be reduced with the installation of mechanical ventilators in the kitchen and bathrooms. A balance between heating and ventilation is required in order to keep a constant temperature; this will help to prevent warm, moisture-laden air from condensing on cold surfaces.

Thermal insulated lining can be installed on the inside of cold external walls. This will increase the wall surface temperature, eliminating black mould growth. Our qualified damp and timber surveyor will inspect your property and provide recommendations for the best solution for you.

Assured Preservations are members of the Property Care Association who have created a booklet on the causes of condensation and how to remedy it, Click Here to read the leaflet.