Dry Rot Decay

Dry rot is the most serious type of timber decay. It can spread rapidly through masonry from an initial outbreak attacking surrounding timbers. Dry rot has a distinctive mushroom smell. Dry rot mycelium strands are often found growing across masonry. Fruiting bodies appear, which produce spores in the form of a reddish dust; this can be found on surfaces throughout the building.

Dry rot mainly affects older properties due to floor joists, wall plates and timber lintels being in contact with or built into masonry which has become damp.

Determining the full extent of an outbreak may require exposure works, involving stripping wall plaster and removing areas of ceiling plaster.

Assured Preservations’ surveyor will carry out an inspection and assess the extent of the dry rot outbreak, and recommend exposure works if necessary. We will then provide a report indicating the moisture source and recommended remedial works.